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Out & About

Regularly during the year, usually once a fortnight, the whole school spends the day away from the school campus. This day is often spent in Albany, although we also visit Denmark and other places in the area. These days give the children an ‘urban’ experience – they are able to order and buy their lunch, borrow books from the Albany Public Library, interact with non-school adults, manage their money, and play in some of Albany’s beautiful parks.

Mt MelvilleEach fortnight we try to include a visit to a different business, community service, tourist attraction, etc. The places we visit are chosen to provide the children with opportunities to experience language and literacy in real life situations and conditions, and all fit into the overall ‘theme’ being studied that term. For example, one term the theme was “Life Progressions and Family”, and included visits to the Albany Museum, Lions Community Care (a day visit care facility for senior citizens), and the Old Cemetery.

O & A libraryNormally an Out & About day includes a visit to the Albany Public Library, our changing excursion or activity, and a ‘swim and play’ in the pool at the Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre. Lunch is often at Eyre Park (near Middleton Beach); this is a great time for cross-age play and modelling of school social skills.

Parents and other family members are always welcome to join us for all or part of Out & About.