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The school’s annual program includes camps, both for the whole school community and for class groups. All camps and activities address educational outcomes at various levels of significance; these usually reflect the term or yearly themes and priorities. Camps foster appreciation of new aspects of other people’s character, and help the participants form bonds that go deeper than those formed in regular school-day interaction. Camps also provide an ideal opportunity for the school to assess how best it can help children with growth in healthy self-management.

Whole School Camp is for all students, staff, and as many parents as can attend, and is held early in term one. This camp provides the opportunity for new friendships to be formed, old friendships to be strengthened, and is a lovely way to welcome new families into the school community.




Also early in the year, the older children attend a Sailing Camp in Albany, where they learn to sail small “surf-cat” catamarans, taught by an accredited sailing instructor.



Quest campfire

As the year progresses, the older children have their major camp for the year – the Quest. This involves the children and staff traveling around various portions of the southern half of Western Australia, learning about the areas they visit while at the same time learning valuable self-management and group dynamic skills.

With all camps, and indeed all aspects of the Woodbury Boston experience, staff work closely with parents to make sure everyone is comfortable with what is happening for all the children.