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Canoeing adventureAdventure and positive risk-taking are important aspects of the Woodbury Boston philosophy. Adventure activities such as Out & About days, bush walks, camps, sleepovers, surfing and sailing, whilst fun and educational, also present the children with opportunities to explore and expand their personal limitations, overcome fears, gain new skills and achieve personal growth.

Children also benefit from the rewards of positive risk-taking through adventure in the school playground. Climbing to different heights in a tree, getting out to the edge of the rope net, or swinging on the rope swings are all activities that present different challenges to different children. Children who regularly play in adventurous playgrounds are adept at choosing the appropriate level of challenge and adventure for themselves. They learn to trust their instincts and choose to challenge themselves when they are ready. Some may never climb a tree or swing on a rope swing; others may do both from an early age. The school supports and teaches the children to choose the challenge for themselves, without pressure from others or restrictions from those less ready.