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The school’s curriculum follows the West Australian Curriculum Framework (and moving to the Australian Curriculum), however this is delivered to the children in accordance with the school’s own aims of empowering and respecting the children. The school also takes an innovative and realistic approach to the academic progress of each student. We recognise that learning is determined both by the students’ willingness and the determination of the staff.

All eight areas of the curriculum are studied either through core studies daily, supplementary learning as required by the individual student, or opportunistically as circumstances present themselves. The subject areas are linked across the learning areas of the curriculum and using the Strands and Sub Strands of the Curriculum Framework.

The school has a biennial inclusive review process that evaluates all aspects of the curriculum using all participants. The school has regular meetings of all staff to respond to day-to-day curriculum, pastoral care and operational issues. The school reports to parents confidentially in personal interviews, and at the end of each semester in writing. If there is an ongoing problem the staff will usually contact the parent by phone.

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