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Parent Handbook

This page has answers to many of your parent questions, and perhaps answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet. If you have any further queries, or suggestions for added content for this handbook, please contact us at school.


The school must be notified of all student absences. Notification must include the reason for the absence. Absences can be notified:

  • In advance by note, email or phone call to the school office;
  • By 9.00am on the day of the absence, by email or phone call to the office;
  • By replying to an absence reminder SMS sent from the school.

For more information about school attendance, including extended absences, please see the school’s Attendance Procedures (280K PDF)


Birthdays are such an exciting time! If you wish, you are welcome to bring a cake for your child’s class in to school to celebrate their birthday. Please contact your child’s teacher to determine the best time for this. (Of course, this is optional – no matter what your child may tell you – you don’t HAVE to send in a cake!)
See also our Healthy Eating Policy (50K PDF)


The school is serviced by government contract school buses, run by private contractors and administered by the School Bus Services division of the Public Transport Authority (PTA).

Students need PTA approval to travel on school buses. To apply for Student Transport Assistance, go to www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au. A brochure on School Bus Services is available in the school office, and admin staff are happy to help with your application.

Changes to bus arrangements – If you need to temporarily change your child’s bus arrangements, you must contact your bus driver or bus monitor to arrange this. Please also advise the school of the change in arrangements.

Albany Bus (Annie – bus monitor) 0468 325 780
Denmark Bus (Dennis- bus driver) 0437 166 035

Bush Fire Procedure

Our school has a well-developed policy and procedure for responding to a bushfire or bush fire threat, which is reviewed each year as we move into bushfire season. For more information see Bushfire – Information for Parents (10K PDF) or contact the school office.


The school has several camps throughout the year. To help with your planning, here are the approximate dates and expected costs of the camps for 2016.

Whole School Camp
Who: All the children, and as many parents as are able to come
When: 8 – 10 March 2017
Cost: $95 per person for full-time. Part-time costs to be advised
Sailing Camp
Who: Years 5 and 6
When: 2 – 5 May 2017
Cost: $260 per child
Dryandra Camp
Who: Years 3 and 4
When: Term2 or 3 TBC
Cost: Approximately $120 per child
Who: Years 5 and 6
When: Term 3 or 4 TBC
Cost: Approximately $520 per child
Canoeing day trips
Who: Years 5 and 6
When: Term 4
Cost: Approximately $40 per child

Change of Routine

If your child’s end-of-day routine is going to be different to the usual, please advise the school by phone. For example, if your child is being collected from school instead of catching the bus, or if someone other than you is collecting your child from school.

If someone other than a parent or guardian is collecting your child from school, you must notify the school, including the name of the person. Children will not be released to anyone other than parents or guardians, unless prior parent or guardian permission has been received.

Collecting Students from School

If you need to collect your child from school during the school day (for example for an appointment), please go to the admin area first, before going to your child’s classroom.

If collecting your children from school at the end of the day, please arrive by 2.50 pm.
Students from Kindergarten to year 2 who are being collected at the end of the day will remain in the classroom until collected by a parent.

If someone other than a parent or guardian is collecting your child from school, you must notify the school, including the name of the person. Children will not be released to anyone other than parents or guardians, unless prior parent or guardian permission has been received.


The best way to contact the school for urgent matters is by ‘phone or email. Outside of school hours, messages can be left on the school answering machine. Emails are usually checked frequently throughout the school day, however for a change in going-home arrangements – for example a child catching a bus instead of being collected – please ‘phone the school, as emails may not be seen before the buses leave. (Messages sent to the school via the School Stream App are received as emails.)

The school newsletter and the School Stream App are the main forms of communication between the school and parents. The newsletter is produced weekly on a Tuesday. Hard copies of the newsletter are sent home with the children, and a copy of the newsletter is also available on the school website and via the School Stream App. Please make sure you read the newsletter as soon as it is available, as it contains important information. Parent contributions and community notices for the newsletter are welcome; please email your information to admin by Monday afternoon for possible inclusion in that week’s newsletter.

Alerts, event notices and reminders are communicated via the School Stream App. Download the app from the link on the website home page, or go to the App Store applicable for your mobile device. Search School Stream.  While installing the app, please agree to enable push notifications. Once the app is installed, go to Add School, and search for Woodbury Boston Primary School. The School Stream App is occasionally used for urgent notifications. If you are unable to, or do not want to, use the App, please advise the school administration, so that any urgent notifications can be relayed to you via SMS instead.

The school keeps a record of all communication between parents and the school. Please do not SMS your child’s teacher on their personal mobile, as this is not an official mode of communication, and records cannot be kept. However on Out & About days you are welcome to SMS the school mobile with information about the going home arrangements for your child for that day.

The school mobile (0427 451 185) is only used during camps and excursions, including Out & About days. Please do not call or SMS the school mobile at other times, as it is not used (due to unreliable mobile reception on the school grounds.)


We welcome comments and suggestions from parents, and take seriously complaints or concerns that may be raised. For more information about making a complaint, see our Disputes and Complaints Policy and Disputes and Complaints Parent Information.

Contact Details

Administration: 9845 1185 Office hours 8.30 – 4.30 Monday – Friday (closed on O & A Days)
School mobile: 0427 451 185 (used during camps, O & A and excursions only)
Email: admin@woodburyboston.wa.edu.au
Postal: PO Box 657, Albany, Western Australia 6331

Dental Clinic

Our students are able to use the services of the Yakamia Dental Therapy Centre, based at Yakamia Primary School in Albany. Enrolment forms for the centre are sent home via school at the beginning of the year, for new students. The centre can be contacted on 9841 3498.


Tuition fees are charged just prior to the beginning of each term, and payment is due by the end of week two of term. Fees paid in full by the due date receive a 3% discount.

Fees may also be paid by regular installments throughout the year, please contact administration to arrange this.

Special Fee Arrangements may be available on application, for families in financial difficulties; please contact administration for more information and an application form.

Fees can be paid by:

  • Cash at school
  • Cheque
  • Internet Transfer to BSB 016510, account 3511 32611. (Please include student surname and ‘fees’ as a reference)
  • Direct Debit (transaction fees apply – contact admin for an application form)

Curriculum Related Activities (CRA) fee is charged and due at the beginning of each semester.

Costs for camps and other excursions are charged as they arise, and must be paid before the child attends the camp or excursion.


All students, staff and visitors to the school are required to wear a wide-brimmed hat when outside at school or on school excursions, from September to May. Please note, caps are not considered adequate sun-protection. See also the Sun Protection Policy(60K PDF)

Head Lice

The school has a clear Head Lice policy to ensure a consistent, coordinated and cooperative approach to managing head lice in the school community.

If a child is found to have head lice at school, the parents are informed. The child may not return to school until treatment for head lice has commenced.

For more information, see the Head Lice Policy (110K PDF) and Head Lice Information Sheet (270K PDF).

Logo on Clothing

The school does not have a uniform, respecting each student’s right to choose their clothing to suit their personality, personal taste, and to match the adventurous activities they may want to undertake at school. Some students requested being able to have the school logo on the shirts they wear to school, so we have organised iron-on transfers for you to put on your child’s clothing if you wish. The iron-on transfers, and instructions for use, are available from the school administration.


Children need to bring their lunch and other snacks to school with them, as the school does not have a canteen. The school encourages children to have a healthy lunch; please see the Healthy Eating Policy (50K PDF) for more information. Please do not send chocolates or lollies with your child’s lunch.

Children are welcome to bring sandwiches to toast, or leftovers to re-heat at school. If using the microwave to reheat leftovers, children will need to bring their own microwave-safe container, and their own fork or spoon. Please do not send ‘2-minute noodles’, ‘cup-a-soups’, or anything else that requires boiling water.

Due to peanut allergies, we request that you do not send any foods containing peanuts as a listed ingredient. Thank you.

Canteen Lunch: Where timetable and sufficient volunteers allow, the school will provide a fortnightly ‘canteen lunch’. This is where two or three parent volunteers prepare a meal at school, which children can then buy. If you are interested in helping with canteen lunch, please contact the school.

Out & About Days

Out & About days are held regularly (usually Friday fortnightly) throughout the year, however the timing of these days may change from time to time to suit the school’s needs and the available activities.

The itinerary and full information about each Out & About day is published in the newsletter of that week.

For most Out & About days, the students have the opportunity to buy their lunch. Options and prices are printed in the newsletter, and orders and money are to be at school on the Thursday (the day before O & A). Due to ordering timelines, late orders are not possible.

Out & About days often include a visit to the Albany Public Library, where the students have the opportunity to borrow books. Students must be a member of the library; for more information on joining the library contact the school office, or go to library.albany.wa.gov.au/

The school office is closed on Out & About days. If you need to contact the school urgently regarding a change of arrangements for your child, please call the school mobile 0427 451 185.


If your child requires medication during the school day, on either a long term or short term basis, please contact the school. You will need to complete a form detailing the medication, dosage, how it is to be administered, etc. You will also need to provide the school with an adequate supply of the medication. Medications will be stored in a locked cupboard (or in a locked box in the fridge if requiring refrigeration), and will be accessible only by staff.


The school newsletter is the main form of communication between the school and parents, and is produced weekly on a Tuesday. Hard copies of the newsletter are sent home with the children, and a copy of the newsletter is also available on the school website and via the School Stream App. Please make sure you read the newsletter as soon as it is available, as it contains important information. Parent contributions and community notices for the newsletter are welcome; please email your information to admin by Monday afternoon for possible inclusion in that week’s newsletter.


Parent and visitor parking is along the verge on Shelley Beach Road. Please angle park. If you require car access onto the school grounds, due to mobility issues or an emergency, please contact administration for instruction.


Dogs and other animals are not normally allowed on school grounds. Dogs on a leash may be brought on to the grounds if it is with you when you are collecting your child at the end of the day – your dog must remain on the leash and under your control at all times. Please ensure you remove any dog poo that may be created.

Pets and other animals may be brought to school for a short time for ‘show and tell’ or ‘news’ items; please arrange this with your child’s teacher in advance.


Written student reports are issued for all students at the end of each semester.

The semester one reports are accompanied by a parent – teacher interview. The reports are given to parents when they arrive prior to their interview. Interviews are conducted during the day over the last two days of term 2. Students do not attend school on those days.

Semester two reports are posted to parents at the end of the school year.

School Hours

School begins 8.50 am
Recess 10.32 – 10.50 am
Lunch 12.32 – 1.10 pm
Buses leave school 3.00 pm

Please do not bring your children to school before 8.30am, as there is no supervision of students on the school grounds before 8.30am and after 3.00pm.

School Nurse

The school is visited several times a year by the Community Health Nurse with Great Southern Population Health. Our school nurse does school-entry vision and hearing checks for kindergarten and pre-primary students, and is also available on referral for other health concerns for any of the children. To contact the school nurse, please call administration for contact details and referral forms.

Swimming Lessons

The school does not provide formal swimming lessons; although the opportunity for water play is often part of the Out & About day. All students are encouraged to have swimming lessons since learning to swim is a vital life skill, and the school’s adventure program includes many water activities, including sailing, surfing and canoeing, all of which require a certain level of swimming ability. VacSwim provides very reasonably priced swimming lessons to students aged 5 – 18 in October and December/January of each year. For more information about VacSwim, or to enrol, go to www.education.wa.edu.au/swimming. The Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre also provides swimming lessons for swimmers aged 7 months to adult, contact 9844 2250 or www.albany.wa.gov.au/facilities/albany-leisure-and-aquatic-centre/ for more information.

Stationery Lists

School stationery lists for the following year are posted to families with the end of year school reports. It is important all students have the full list of requirements, to ensure smooth classroom activities.

Term Dates 2017

Term 1 Wednesday 1 February – Friday 7 April
Term 2 Wednesday 26 April – Friday 30 June
Term 3 Tuesday 18 July – Friday 22 September
Term 4 Tuesday 10 October – Tuesday 12 December

Visiting the School

Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time. Please sign in at the administration area first, and wear a ‘just visiting’ badge while you are on the school grounds. (Signing in at school is part of our fire and emergency evacuation procedure, ensuring we know who is on the school grounds should we have to evacuate.)