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The school receives some grants and subsidies from the State and Federal Governments, however there is a shortfall, which must be met by charging school fees. We endeavour to keep these fees as low as possible, so as to keep the educational services we offer affordable for all. However, fees must be paid on time, as arrears can cause financial difficulties for the school.

Tuitions fees are charged in four installments, due at the end of the second week of each school term. Fees paid in full by the due date receive a 3% discount. Fees may be paid in smaller installments throughout the term, so long as fees are up-to-date by the end of each term.

Tuition fees for 2017 are:
Kindergarten: $330.00 per term *
Pre-school to Year Six: $640.00 per term
Curriculum related activities: Kindergarten: $50.00 per year
Curriculum related activities: Pre-school to Year Six: $100.00 per year


Personal stationery, camps and other activities, and some Out &¬†About day costs are not covered by the tuition fees. The “curriculum related activities” payment covers some excursions and incursions, and some of the other special events that occur during the year.

Generous discounts on tuition fees are offered to members of the same family attending at the same time, providing fees are paid on time. These are:

  • 25% discount for the second child
  • 50% discount for the third child
  • For fourth and subsequent children, tuition fees are waived

Each year a limited number of special arrangements for reduced tuition fees are available for families in difficult financial circumstances. If you believe you will have problems paying the school fees, please talk to us, as we are willing to negotiate on an individual basis.

* Kindergarten is two days per week in semester one, and three days per week in semester two.