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This event finished on 22 March 2018

Surfing and Ocean Awareness lessons. All students spend the morning at the beach, the senior students having surfing lessons, and the rest of the students receiving Ocean Awareness information and having beach and water play.

All students need to bring:

  • bathers and rashie (come to school already dressed in these)
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Water bottle
  • Morning tea and lunch (lunch will be eaten back at school)
  • Wetsuit (optional, but a good idea, especially for the surfers)
  • A complete change of clothing, including warm clothing for afterwards.

The school will supply sunscreen, which will be applied at school, and as needed.

The lessons are usually conducted at Cosy Corner, however sometimes different beaches are used, depending on the conditions. Contact the school if you want to find us on the day.