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About Us

Woodbury Boston Primary School is a small independent school, founded in 1980, which is dedicated to the nurture of the whole child – the child which is part of us all, the child which marvels at the wonderful, is fragile, yet curious and uninhibited.classroom

The school’s aim is to deliver quality education with respect and kindness. Our approach to ‘kindness’ derives from a deep commitment to each child’s right to a full experience of life. This means school should be full of rich experiences, and education should be shaped by the needs of the children, instead of the children’s experiences being shaped by the needs of an institution.

Woodbury Boston children are treated with dignity and respect, and are expected to treat those around them the same way. There are no ‘child-free’ areas such as staff rooms that are out of bounds, and adults, including teachers, are introduced to the children on a first-name basis. There is no school uniform, rather the children are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and their adventurous play. The school has only one school ‘rule’ – no one, adult or child, may continue to do anything that hurts or upsets any other person. Everyone has the right to a happy, stress-free day. Solutions to disagreements and conflict are sought through negotiation and conversation, and the children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions.

Woodbury Boston Primary School has a truly unique location. Nestled on top of Torbay Hill, midway between Albany and Denmark, the school overlooks a spectacular vista of the Southern Ocean and fringes West Cape Howe National Park – Western Australia’s southern-most point.

cubbyThe jarrah classrooms are surrounded by lush bush of Karri trees and other eucalypts. There are open spaces for the children to play, which include adventurous playground equipment including a huge rope net and rope swings.

The school is deliberately small to provide opportunities that only a small school can. It has a family-like atmosphere where young and old learn and grow together. Whole school activities such as games, celebrations and excursions encourage a spirit of community where everyone looks out for one another.

Students’ educational outcomes (based on the Western Australian Curriculum Framework and moving to the Australian Curriculum) are achieved through a wide range of real-life activities. The academic life of a Woodbury Boston student is given more personal emphasis though real individual attention. Our experience is that students find they are better equipped to cope with high school not only because of academic skills but their personal responsibility. This is the result of the teachers spending time getting to know each child and preparing lessons tailored to their intellectual, physical and emotional needs.